TYJP is considering having a Talent Show.  Do you have
a special talent (hidden or unhidden) that you'd like
to share?  Play an instrument?  Sing?  Dance? 
Storytell?  Do a comedy routine?  We'd like to find
out if you're interested in sharing your talent with
the community.  If so, please reply to this email. 
You're only indicating your interest, not officially
"signing up".  

Do you have other ideas for TYJP?  Would you like to
host or co-host an event?  Please write your ideas to

Thanks for responding!

Triangle Young Jewish Professionals.  Bringing together Jewish people across the 
Triangle.  Past mailings can be found at our website:  www.rtpnet.org/tyjp
Click on "calendar" to be taken to all archived mail.  For more information about 
TYJP, please write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  We welcome all ideas for programming and are 
always looking for new hosts.

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