Bill Monk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If you working on a bay ( 72 right?) try and find some foam from a Vanagon. It
> is wider that than any bay foam and the thickness would be just right. I

A word of caution on recycling used matress foam...
My friend salvaged the covering from a Westfalia bunk
(black/green plaid) to make new '76 front seat covers.
His upholstry guy would use the material *only* if it was
laundered first.  Upholstry guy said he knew "what goes
on in the back of those VW vans."   ;-)

If you have to cut or shape foam, an electric carving knife
works really well.

> remember my grandparents replacing some foam bedding in their full size RV and
> it was real expensive. I thnk they even drove the NJ from CT to find someone who
> had the right stuff.

Blue foam.  It's the stuff used for furniture surfaces that
will be sat or slept on.  The white foam is more for light
padding, like armrests and the backs of furniture to make it
look puffy.
Jack  '73 Westfalia  '82 300CD
Costa Mesa, California

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