On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Nemo, the Bus Captain wrote:

> Here's tech specs.
> http://www.bridgestone-usa.com/products/datimattec.htm
> I agree.  Yet, for some reason, load ranges are
> not always consistent.


Alas, "load range" is like engine size[1]... a manufacturer can say
whatever they want. I have found no consistency in their application nor
have I found regulations describing their determination.  And different
tire sizes can look identical but have very different weight carying

The important figure is the load rating.  From a quick search of the
archives for a VW bus the minimums are 95 for a bay, 97 for a Vanagon and
the higher the load rating, the happier you will be with your bus'
handling in a stiff crosswind.

As I said earlier in my p-mail, I have not been able to determine from
their site nor from one of their dealers what the load rating of these
tires is.  When I find it, I will report to all.  I am curious myself, as
I am in the market at the moment.

                           Steve Dolan

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[1] VW never produced any engines with displacements of 1200, 1300, 1500,
1600, 1700, 1800, or 2000cc's. The engines were actually all slightly less
than their advertised displacement.  I have often wondered, if the
displacement was 1616cc's rather than 1584cc's... would it have been a
1700DP :-)

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