Here's the deal:  to make myself finish a house (a whole house) project,
I've mothballed my bus ('71, 59K).  It's been garaged and occassionally
fired up and driven (every 30-60 days) for a 1.5 years.  Just before I
garaged it, I noticed a cloud of white smoke that would be exhausted out
whenever I stepped on it, say starting up a hill.  Other than that, running

Today, it starts like a champ, runs a little rough, but no smoke until it
starts to warm up (just idling), then while my eyes are averted the smoke
starts.  Yanking off the snorkle and 'hand choking' it with the automatic
held open makes no difference.  It's mildly cold here now (maybe 25 degrees
F).  It's going to stay in the garage for a while anyway, but what should I
be looking for?  The smoke is definitely from the tailpipe, very white, very
little oil smell to it.  The gas tank is topped off (though not 100%
anymore) and has a couple of bottles of dry-gas in it.

Thanks much.

John Hartranft in Flint, MI
71 Westy
|    _        | _  |]

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