> along the lines of the hanging two wires on my FI harness a foot beyond the
> ECU,

No, those two wires don't go anywhere. On some harness's they have ends on them,
on others they were just cut off flush. If you look very carefully on the white
wire, you should see the circuit number printed on each one. Those 2 circuits
were not used in any USA vehicle. Once, someone mentioned having a switch above
the ECU for altitude adjustment. I believe this is the 2 wires for that circuit.

 it appears, with the help of listees, the wires may be good for the
> throttle valve switch. it seems the 75 had a throttle switch. (perhaps
> later years did too and they're unavailable from rmmw? dunno.)  question
> is, with my ECU's number:
> 0 280 000 153
> 022 906 021 AA
> might this ECU have need for a throttle valve switch?

No, this 022-AA ECU is for a 77 Calif manual trans bus. No, it does not use a
throttle switch.

- steve, if i sound
> confused it harkens back to the7 prong AFM...and a never completely
> reliable vehicle :)

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