My attempt to reach Karl Bloss via email doesn't work, so I will ask the
list what I was going to ask him, and if anyone knows how to reach him. 
For LEGAL reasons, I need to hear from any listees present at
campouts/shows from May 1999 through Oct, and if they have details as to
exact dates, and any pics or rememberances of who was with me.  I was
the Westy owner with the beige 78 Westy that has the green "mailbox" pod
on top, green bumpers and wheels, an awning, and green tent that
fastened to the awning.  It also had green custom curtains along with a
modified interior including a central bed.  I remember going to Westies
in the Woods, where I think I had my 13 yr old daughter and 2 classmates
(a blond with glasses and a brunette; Everybus, where I had my daughter
and one friend;  also the Harwinton, Ct show and possibly Transporters
by the Tunnel,
Woodstock, and in particular, Busses by the Trail arount Oct 10 1999?
I possibly also went to PunkinChunkin if it was held in 1999 and
possibly one on a Maryland shore somewhere...  This is rather important,
for it will impact my future freedom.
> .   .Mike Benthin in NJ             __ |
> 228K mi on original engine!  ______/__\|         63 panel camper
> .   .   .                  /=__==__===_=\         75 bus
> . . . . 78 VW Camper   -T-|E[__][__]|[_]\\       (77 Westy-sold)
> .  .  . all over USA    0 |  _  |  `|__   |}     (77 Westy-parting)
> .   .                     =-(_)-----(_)`--=   (71 Westy rusto in woods)

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