Hey all,
Sorry for this marginal content but I am finishing up a restoration on a 73 Super 
Beetle and Cannot find a couple of things I need.  I know, I know, this is a BUS list 
but here's my bus content:  I have a few baywindow bus parts I would like to trade for 
a couple of bug parts. For the bug I need: Dash ash tray, door panel clips, 1 hubcap, 
a period radio (doesn't have to work), chrome body trim, front turn signal assemblies, 
one sunvisor and clips, and an emergency brake boot (the rubber thing that  covers the 
base of the handle. I have the following bus parts to trade: A back hatch mosquito 
screen for 73-79 Westy in good condition, a 12V voltage regulator in good condition, 
stainless steel sink basin from a 75 Westy, water tank from a 75 westy (unsure if it 
leaks or not), a steering wheel from 76 westy in fair to good condition, a copy of 
Muirs idiots guide in fair condition (greasy fingerprints included at no extra charge!)
So do we have any buggers out there?  I know we do...

Peace, John Baker
1971 Westy
1983 H20 Vanagon Westfakia
1973 Super Beetle

"...so we got in the red VW microbus with the shovels and rakes and implements of 
destruction and
headed on to the police officer's station..."

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