Greetings All,

The Duck is going in to get a paint job next month and I am in the process of 
removing most everything from the shell.  I pulled out the tarboards from the 
engine compartment and I got to wondering..................surely there must 
be a better insulator than these *%^&$#@ tarboards.

Recently when I was down in San Francisco I met a fellow Busser.  He had 
removed the tarboard and placed some sort of foil faced solid insulation in 
its place.  The pieces were sealed on the edge and the whole effect was that 
of a professional job.  The metal tabs used to hold the tarboards were bent a 
little lower to hold this new insulation.  Pretty spiffy.  Clod that I am, I 
didn't ask him about that at the time.

Basically I'm looking for something rigid (I don't think I want to do the 
floppy NASA stuff like Matt Bulley did), non flammable, and resistant to 
chemicals which will insulate both for heat and sound.  I know others must 
have conquered this little problem in the past.  Suggestions for materials or 

TIA,  Mike

1970 Bus - The Ruptured Duck 

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