Hey Dave & Chopper,

Let me attempt to answer the questions in one full swoop.  First, check out
the website here:  http://www.reflectixinc.com/rv.asp
I guarantee, go into a home depot (or where ever) & wrap your arm up in this
stuff, you'll sweat in no time.  It's just a thick aluminum foil with two
sheets glued together of bubble wrap on the inside.  It's very thin, can be
cut with sissors.

For Dave, I took off my panels & had a good glance inside.  You'll note that
when you pull off your front or sliding door panels you can't just simply
throw a big rectangle of any product in.  It will inevitably get caught in
something (ie: sliding door mechanism) or be innefective.  I've got this
stuff literally everywhere, underneath my front kick panels, underneath my
carpeting.  You wouldn't believe the diff!  It actually (& literally)
reflects your heat back at ya.

It's not expensive either.  I didn't glue it in either, i DUCT TAPED it in a
la Red Green.  I'll get some photos up eventually but there's no drivers
released for my cam for win xp (puke).  This stuff is NOT expensive either,
you can buy more than enough to wrap your whole cavernous bus in for
probably around $100 CDN, yes my yankee bretheren, that's around $50 USD.

& that's an overstatement truthfully.  Check it out, great stuff!
Hey, it's -20C here today, no idea what that is in farenheight, sorry?

Caio all,

'76 money pit ;)
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> Hi Sean
> Saw your post on the type 2 list. I am in Ontario and was wondering how
> you fastened this product while insulating your bus. If you have some
> detailed instructions as to how you did it , where you put it and such.
> I would be most interested.
> Thanks
> Beep Beep
> Dave Ireland

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