Hello Wolfgang,
> We need a formal Signed-off-by: line for you for this patch.

Something like this?

Signed-off-by: Pieter Voorthuijsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

I'm sure the code will be adapted by someone as it is only for 1.2.0, will they 
also add their signed-off lines?

> I think that such a license will not conflict with the GPL, 
> but I  am not  a lawyer, and it would be easier if it was 
> released under GPLv2.
> Do you think you could ask the author  to  re-release  it  (at  least
> alternatively) under GPLv2 ?

The answers from the author, Sergey Lyubka, where:

> > could you please let me know if:
> >
> > - You can re-release the DNS code under gplv2?
> > - If not, are we allowed to mix this code with gpl code?
> >
> No, I do not want to change the license.
> Yes, you are allowed to mix tadns code with GPLv2 code.

If the license still poses a problem, I think the best/fastest thing is to 
rewrite the pieces of TADNS still left in the code. It's not rocket-science, 
but to what level do we need to rewrite it?

Best regards,
Pieter Voorthuijsen

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