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> Going over the emails and my own testing, it looks the following
> versions worked:

Thanks for the detailed analysis.

I remember that gcc-3.4.x has always been marked as "suspicious" in
our tests, so for example we avoided basing an ELDK release on it.

> Does anyone out there by chance have a failure case for gcc > 4.0.0,
> because I can't seem to reproduce the issues others had in the past.

Do you have an up-to-date patch that can be used for such testing?

> My vote would be to find out which version of gcc contains the
> relocation bug and spit out an error if gcc < than that version is used.


> We could also try and get fancy and dynamically turn on/off relocation
> support at compile time based on gcc's version if other's wanted to
> maintain support for older compilers.  These changes would only be for
> ppc at this point btw.

I think there would be not  much  lost  if  we  dropped  support  for
versions before gcc-4.x

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