Hi Sandy Patterson,

On 09/15/2016 08:00 PM, Sandy Patterson wrote:
Hi Kever,

With regards to the SPL size issue, I believe that the
CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_SPL_BACK_TO_BROM option should work with
all of the rk3288 boards. So if your patch causes unbootable SPL's because
they're too big, then you should probably enable the BROM macro (and disable OF_PLATDATA).

Firefly uses a different method to shrink the SPL which causes a bunch of changes throughout the codebase. This patch would need to be applied to the OF_PLATDATA
sections for firefly to work.

Thanks for your comment, I will update a V2 patch after I make sure it works with other board,
but I don't have a firefly on my hand currently.

I think you mean my patch need to work with:
- BROM enabled and OF_PLATDATA disabled
- BROM disabled and OF_PLATDATA enabled


An alternative for you might be to disable OF_PLATDATA for firefly and enable BACK_TO_BROM. You may not be getting any output because you didn't modify your burning process.
for details, but you have to dd your images slightly differently with this macro enabled.

Also, you might get more info from Ziyuan's DEBUG advice.

Hi Vagrant,

Once you see the SPL output message, that means the DRAM init is OK, to double check if the DRAM init correct, you can add log for return value of sdram_size_mb() after apply my patch.

- Kever

Sandy Patterson

On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 10:01 PM, Ziyuan Xu <xzy...@rock-chips.com <mailto:xzy...@rock-chips.com>> wrote:

    hi Vagrant,

    On 2016年09月11日 03:01, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:

        On 2016-09-10, Ziyuan Xu wrote:

            On 2016年09月09日 03:28, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:

                On 2016-09-08, Kever Yang wrote:

                    The rk3288 spl size is very close to 32KB while
                    the rk3288 bootrom
                    has the limitation of maximum size of SPL is 32KB.
                    After apply this
                    patch, the SPL size will exceed 32KB if we do not
                    enable macro

        With CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_SPL_BACK_TO_BROM=y, it fails to boot with
        no output
        on the console.

                    This patch has test with 2GB DDR3 and 2GB/4GB LPDDR3.

                Thanks for the patch!

                Unfortunately, fails to build the firefly-rk3288
                target, using
                arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc (Debian 6.1.1-9) 6.1.1
                20160705, applied to
                u-boot master 01c5075506afcb7a74e0db8600af8979f45881b5:

CC spl/arch/arm/mach-rockchip/rk3288/sdram_rk3288.o
                arch/arm/mach-rockchip/rk3288/sdram_rk3288.c: In function
                error: 'struct
                    dtd_rockchip_rk3288_dmc' has no member named
                    did you mean 'rockchip_noc'?
                    plat->num_channels = of_plat->rockchip_num_channels;

            -       plat->num_channels = of_plat->rockchip_num_channels;
            +       plat->num_channels = 2;

            firefly-rk3288 deploy CONFIG_OF_PLATDATA,  driver read
            platform data
            from include/generated/dt-structs.h which is generated
            according to dts
            Please try above change.

        With this change, it builds, but it hangs at boot:

           U-Boot SPL 2016.09-rc2+dfsg1-2~20160910~6 (Sep 10 2016 -
           Trying to boot from MMC1

           U-Boot 2016.09-rc2+dfsg1-2~20160910~6 (Sep 10 2016 -
        18:51:28 +0000)

           Model: Firefly-RK3288

    Could you help to add DEBUG macro in common.h like:
    #define DEBUG

    So that we can figure out where it is.

        This is on a firefly with 2GB of ram. I also have one with 4GB
        of ram,
        hence my interest in this patch series!

        live well,

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