On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 03:31:42PM -0400, Rob Clark wrote:

> This patchset fleshes out EFI_LOADER enough to support booting an
> upstream \EFI\BOOT\bootaa64.efi (which then loads fallback.efi and
> then eventually the per-distro shim.efi which loads the per-distro
> grubaa64.efi) without resorting to hacks to hard-code u-boot to load
> a particular distro's grub, or other hacks like setting up the
> distro installation as live-media.
> The first seven patches add dependencies that will be needed later
> in the series.  Patches 8-15 make u-boot work with upstream grub,
> without relying on distro patches.  Patches 16-19 add missing bits
> of the UEFI implementation needed to support shim/fallback.  And
> finally patch 20 adds bootmanager support to avoid shim/fallback
> after first boot.

In concept, I am in agreement with the goals of this patch series.  In
specifics, I'm going to skim around v0 and see if there's anything in
particular that I feel I need to jump in and comment on at this point.
Thanks for working on this!


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