Hey all,

I'm sending this email to people that are either listed as maintainers
for the following boards, or have shown interest in that general area
before.  These boards are the only ones left in tree right now that do
not have CONFIG_DM enabled:
flea3 aspenite zmx25 mx28evk mx28evk_auart_console mx28evk_nand
mx28evk_spi bg0900 edminiv2 warp UCP1020 MPC8349EMDS MPC8349EMDS_PCI64

Currently, the migration deadline was v2020.01 and from what I've said
in previous releases, I'm posting removal patches at deadline (which is
visible for a year before) + 2 years.  That said, now that we're down to
this few boards that don't have CONFIG_DM enabled, I want to reach out
now.  Is there interest in updating these boards?  Or should they be
removed now and save some time?



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