David, I appreciate the tone and the messages that you present
here.  You're right that there are appropriate approaches and
vectors to product management and development.  I submit however
that these forums are not merely suited for community self-help,
but they can and should serve as a conduit of information and
ideas between Rocket and its user/developer base.  _This_ is
where the more active community hangs out, so _this_ is one place
amongst others where Rocket should take its place as a leader and
as a partner.  If they choose not to use this medium to discuss
market needs, so be it.  If they're discussing APIs and cloud
implementations with U2UG, great.  From my not-so-isolated
perspective, if I don't see them doing anything in these areas,
then I don't think it's unreasonable for me or others to assume
they're not really doing much in these areas.  Most companies
talk it up when they're doing something productive rather than
allowing their user base to assume otherwise.  Communicate here
or somewhere else, but communicate something, somewhere.  Just


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