Not that I'm promoting or selling anything either way... I stumbled upon
this just recently.

I've spent all of an hour tooling around with it.

This may or may not satisfy your yearning for "a distributed cloud based
MV environment"

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 3:46 PM, Tony Gravagno <>wrote:

> > From: Bill Haskett
> > I wonder if this implies that those who U2 are all
> > database "gurus"?  :-)
> I get the humor but...
> I need to create a distributed cloud-based MV environment,
> obviously smaller than Facebook but using the same concept of
> "shards" for distributed storage and computing.  So far most of
> the Pick people I talk to have no idea what I'm talking about let
> alone how to implement it with MV.  We're not gurus if we don't
> speak the same language as the rest of the world.
> As to "old SQL", there is a revolution going on out there and I'm
> wondering if other MV people have seen this:  Look at the data
> storage for Android, Google App Engine, AmazonDB, etc.  All of
> these platforms and others are using name/value pairs with some
> relational functionality, but they're not using SQL.  Once again
> we're missing a whole new generation of data hungry applications.
> While there are still new methods of data storage and retrieval
> being created all the time, the MV market needs to define a
> consistent web service / REST API for data access and rule
> execution, accessible from any client.  (That's easy, I have done
> this many times for various projects and for most MV platforms.)
> >From there, professionals in this community can position as
> experts to provide applications, DBMS support services, rules in
> BASIC, hosting, and mentoring for a new generation of people who
> might like to use BASIC for rules rather than Java, Ruby, Go, or
> whatever else they're just starting to learn.
> Yeah... as if...
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> > From:Symeon Breen
> > Some on here will be interested in this. I esp like Gigaom's
> quote
> >
> > "old SQL (as he calls it) is good for nothing" and
> > needs to be "sent to the home for retired software."
> > After all, he explained, SQL was created decades ago
> > before the web, mobile devices and sensors forever
> > changed how and how often databases are accessed.
> >
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