I'm a fan of U2 - MV in general even.  But in this case I have to agree with
Rob: We really need to quantify what it means to "win" otherwise the words
do little more than tickle an emotional response.

Having had some time with several MV systems as well as several SQL systems,
there are areas of each that in a head-to-head comparison, one would "win"
over the other based on price, performance, flexibility, scalability, and
reliability.  And it's not always U2/MV and it's not always SQL.  For
getting right to work without extensive tuning, I'd say U2 holds the upper
hand.  In terms of indexing and application of multiple indexes to queries,
I'd put PostgreSQL over MySQL and both over U2.  For clustering, Oracle.
 For the GUI, SQL Server.  For that matter, I'd rank the flexibility of
triggers in Unidata over triggers in Universe, and they're both MV.  So it's
a complex task to assign a "winner" carte blanche without looking deeply
into the eyes of specific areas of the products and their applicability to
specific problems to be solved.

My personal opinion is that there are benefits to all of it.  So in that way
picking a "winner" really doesn't do much more than polarize.  I know if I
were creating an application from scratch today, the criteria I might use to
make the decision would be different from anyone else making the same
decision even if it were the same application.  There is "better" and there
is "worse" but all of it must be considered in the larger context of the
problem to be solved to mean anything at all.

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