I appreciate your comments and opinion...
I subscribe to the list for the technical exchange of ideas, and it is my
understanding that this is why this particular list exists.

u2-users:  Technical Discussions related to the U2 product family. Use this
list to ask the community for technical help and share useful or technical
information of interest to the community.

u2-community: General non-technical discussions, including off-topic
diversions, should be directed to this list.

Asking "Why use U2?" is the effective equivalent of "Paper or Plastic?". At
face value, is not a technical discussion; it is an arguable topic that can
invoke more emotion than meaningful, worthy, and educational content.
You can learn things, not necessarily technical, that make the conversation
beneficial; and U2UG has provided a place for such discussions.

I'm not saying that there hasn't been some value in the discussion - just
that it is largely not technical, and therefore misplaced.

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