I think you skimmed the article see:

"The upside is, after acclimating to Eclipse, you’ll enjoy some seriously
amazing, productivity-boosting code completion, refactoring, and automatic
fixing. It’ll basically write your code for you."

I think the real problem is that we expect Eclipse to be light weight like
ED/AE, vi, EMACS, Notepad, or whatever.  Well it is an full IDE and with it
comes incredible power.  The cost is nominal is today's world where I'm
using a Windows 7 box with 8 gb of memory and 2 250 gb of hard disk space
workstation.  However, my Java programmer has our Eclipse running on his
NetBook with 1 gb of memory he paid under $300.00 for it.

All of the editing of program is done on my workstation.  If I need to
search thousands of programs for a piece of syntax or other program that are
using this bit of code, it all happens on my workstation in seconds with
impacting the server running Universe or Unidata.

I can guarantee you will be more productive and will have less errors in you
code.  How do you say I can say that.  Well I've been on Eclipse since 2004
and each year, even though I'm getting older, my tools are getting smarter
and my code is getting leaner.

Our tool is updated about every 3 or 4 weeks with bug fixes and
enhancements. Do the other tools have that type of release cycle?  Nope.
 The only ones that are releasing software that often are now browsers. See
Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Lets talk about productivity.  I want to know where this variable named.  I
can hit control-K once it is highlighted in the code.  Or I can use the
Outline and click on each line to see how it being used.  This means with
a minute or two I know the scope of the variable and where it used.  This
means I have less problems with stepping on variables I should not be doing.

BDT is free along with the other Eclipse based tools from Rocket Software.
I tried free and did not make a dime. I could go on, but I already have done
that in the two classes I taught this year at CMUG using Eclipse.

"XLr8Editor is still $49.00 per year per workstation"
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