I am not suggesting that you inspect the actual data passed (I know it
is encrypted), but rather what packets are being passed?  Are
handshakes failing? Are responses missing? -- when compared to the
working connection.  Do the packets give you an additional clue as to
what is failing?

Technically, you are not making wireshark work with uvtelnetd.  You
would put a hub (not a switch) between the client and server, and plug
a separate machine with wireshark into the hub.  From this machine you
could monitor traffic between the other two machines.  Alternately,
wireshark could be on the client machine monitoring traffic to/from
the server IP.

Wireshark may reveal nothing -- the problem could be within the
encrypted data being passed.  But typically protocols pass packets
back and forth to establish the connection before sending the data,
and if it is failing at this level wireshark may make it obvious.


On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 6:27 PM, Michael Pflugfelder
<mpflugfel...@ratex.com> wrote:
> Rex,
> How could I make Wireshark work with uvtelnetd.  My understanding is that 
> uvtelnetd is passing encrypted data.  I haven't used Wireshark a whole lot, 
> but I believe that it can't decrypt the data on the stream.
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