Has anyone had any experience using Microsoft's Team Foundation Server for 
source control with UniVerse on a Linux server?  I have the command line client 
functional and talking to the TFS server.  I know I'll have to write some kind 
of interlude to manage those items in hashed files to get them out into the 
file system where they will be visible to the TFS client and to do the reverse 
upon checkout.  What I'm looking for are some ideas for organizing in the TFS 
repository.  Also, we're looking for a one-button deployment solution to be 
able to deploy our Windows/.NET software to the respective Windows servers 
along with the UniVerse software to the UniVerse server(s), run processes to 
create/delete files, index, etc. and compile and catalog BASIC programs.  I 
know I'll probably have to build this "thing" to make this happen as I 
seriously doubt there is anything available off the shelf capable of doing 
this.  Anyone been down this path?

Perry Taylor
Zirmed, Inc.

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