Hi Perry,
I see that you are on your way to developing something for yourself, but
just in case you are only doing it because you didn't find me, I thought I'd
jump up and down and tell you that I'm here.

[AD and introduction] PRC is a project-based source control / deployment (in
fact full SDLC management) tool for Universe and Unidata.  It has its own or
can interface with service desk/help desk/problem reporting. Then that is
connected to projects where components automatically track as they change or
can be checked out in advance. Convenience tools bring transparency and
control with functionality to support parallel development in a variety of
ways. PRC handles deployment across multiple servers along with rollback,
test management plenty of auditing and reporting. PRC  plays well with
others at every aspect along the way.

I have not tinkered with Team Foundation Server - but I have put PRC
together with source control tools for other environments and gotten them to
work in concert, before.  This is definitely an area of interest for many U2
shops and an area where I've been devoting a lot of my effort.  Let me know
if I can help.

Susan Joslyn
PRC(r) Real IT governance for U2/Multivalue.

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 14:56:37 +0000
From: Perry Taylor <perry.tay...@zirmed.com>
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Subject: [U2] [UV] Microsoft Team Foundation Server for Source Control
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Has anyone had any experience using Microsoft's Team Foundation Server for
source control with UniVerse on a Linux server?  I have the command line
client functional and talking to the TFS server.  I know I'll have to write
some kind of interlude to manage those items in hashed files to get them out
into the file system where they will be visible to the TFS client and to do
the reverse upon checkout.  What I'm looking for are some ideas for
organizing in the TFS repository.  Also, we're looking for a one-button
deployment solution to be able to deploy our Windows/.NET software to the
respective Windows servers along with the UniVerse software to the UniVerse
server(s), run processes to create/delete files, index, etc. and compile and
catalog BASIC programs.  I know I'll probably have to build this "thing" to
make this happen as I seriously doubt there is anything available off the
shelf capable of doing this.  Anyone been down this path?

Perry Taylor
Zirmed, Inc.

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