I thought this'd be great but with UD I had to do all that ODBC crap! Not interested in reconfiguring my entire hosting accounts for this. So much for simple access to a U2 (UD) account.

Sometimes I don't understand why there's an assumption users only have one (1) production account. In this age of SaaS, one would think U2 would do everything to encourage multiple accounts on a single machine...you know, like connection pooling, DataVu, etc. :-(

Oh well...


Oaks, Harold wrote:
Anybody using DataVu?  Rocket's free data viewer?  I think this is a
tool my users might like, if I can only get it to work!

But I can't get past a seemingly beginning point...

I have created a repository.
I can now define a new U2 data source.  After entering the server name,
Universe login and password, testing that the connection is good, I am
then able to pick an account as the data source (The list shown surely
comes from the UV.ACCOUNT file).  Fine.  Seemingly the data source is
now defined, call it MyDataSource.

The 'repositories' view shows this tree:

[-] MyRepository
     [-] U2 Data Sources
         [-] MyDataSource
             [+] Files

Now, if I click on the [+] next to Files, I expect it to expand with the
available files making use of the VOC file to know what these are.  But
it simply flashes 'pending' for about 1/2 a second and becomes 'Files'
with no [-] or [+] next to it.

What step am I missing?  Does there need to be some special VOC record
created in the account?

I am thinking perhaps the JDBC drivers are not known to DataVu, and that
is the problem.  The documentation states that "U2 DataVu does not
include JDBC drivers", however it states that one can import the JDBC
library settings file.  To do this, it says, one clicks on File ->
Import ->  Connection and JDBC Library Settings, etc.  However! After
clicking on File, there is no "Import" selection available at all in the
drop down.  (I just hate it when the documentation doesn't match the

Has anyone gotten past these issues?  Does anyone actually use this
I might mention that I am also looking at the Web Services product from
Rocket.  After specifying an account and clicking on "Database Files" it
instantly displays all the available files in the account.  Which is

Harold Oaks
Clark County IT
Clark County, WA

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