I work with both RHEL & AIX, and I'm not sure that you save a whole bunch of 
money by going Linux anymore. I won't p0ut [AD/} in here, because I'm not a 
vendor, nor do I have a business relationship with one (anymore). But I was 
recently investigating making this same move, and my IBM vendor proposed 
replacing my 2 p570's (4 LPARS each) with a Blade H center, populated with 2 
PS701 Blades, for a little under $75K, including 3-year hardwarew warranty & 3 
year AIX software 24x7 4Hr onsite maintenance. Additional Power blades were 
$14K, but wintel blades could be had for about $7K each, fitting in the same 
enclosure. "Membership" for a comparable RH installation over 3 years was about 
that same $75K, before you even buy hardware. Of course, you can go without 
software support on linux, but you'd better be very good at it, especially if 
your implementation is at all non-standard (um, U2).
I also note that one of the most common sysadmin procedures I execute is 
expanding file systems as data footprints grow. On AIX, I allocate the storage, 
do a cfgmgr, then issue the appropriate chfs command. In Linux, to expand a 
file system means taking the volume offline: downtime. P.S.: If I'm wrong about 
that, please tell me how to do it, thanks.
> Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 00:28:57 +0200
> From: u...@glennsallis.de
> To: u2-users@listserver.u2ug.org
> Subject: Re: [U2] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64 bit and Universe 11.1.4 -       
> Experiences?
> Hi John,
> I think you will find it to be a positive move, both technically and 
> financially!
> Recently I have done a fair bit of testing for a customer who are going 
> to be migrating to 64 Bit Red Hat from a non-AIX variant of Unix and I 
> cannot say I stumbled across any big issues. I was using previous 
> versions of 11.1 for the tests.
> Do plenty of trials and tests to identify any potential issues, and I am 
> pretty confident you will report back with positive news.
> Regards
> Glenn
> Am 02.09.2011 00:02, schrieb John Thompson:
> > I'm looking to migrate from AIX 5.3 to RHEL.  Basically because IBM is
> > putting the hatchet to "regular" support on AIX 5.3 in May 2012.
> >
> > Has anyone had any experiences/challenges running Universe 11.1.4 on Red Hat
> > Enterprise 6 - 64bit?
> >
> > I'm guessing I may get crickets on this one, since accroding to U2
> > Techconnect, 11.1.4 has only been out about a week...
> >
> > https://u2tc.rocketsoftware.com/buildmatrix.asp
> >
> > Kudos to Rocket for getting it to run on RHEL 6.
> >
> > I'm just scared if I go with RHEL 5, then I'll be in the "obsolescence" boat
> > two years from now.
> >
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