Phantoms do not consume a UV license.
Otherwise everything Glen says is right.

What the others say about cron & windows scheduler is fine, too.

There are a couple fancy commercial scheduling products built to run under UV, too, depending on how elaborate your needs are (multiple queues, priorities, dependencies, security, etc.) "Benton" is one. There are others.


On 9/13/2011 2:15 AM, Glenn Sallis wrote:
Hi Martin,

In this situation I would create a phantom process, presuming you have enough free user licences available, as a phantom process will consume one user licence.

This is a UniVerse Basic program which runs in the background and perform the actions or processes that you need to take place, every fifteen minutes. Start the program as a phantom process with the following command at TCL:


In the program you can make it sleep until 00, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour are reached. I am also going on the assumption that your process will take less than 15 minutes to run.

If you need to reboot your server at any time, you will need to manually restart the phantom or you can add it to the uv.rc script (making a bold assumption you are on Linux or Unix) with


Make sure there are no INPUT statements in your program.

Kind regards

Glenn Sallis

Am 13.09.2011 08:25, schrieb Martin Hlasensky:

I need help with UniVerse and job scheduling. Now we have UniVerse 9.5 and System Builder 3.3.2 (SB) and I want to run process every 15 minutes. I am able schedule job once only in SB. How can I schedule periodically recurring job in
UniVerse or SB?

Thanks for answer

Martin Hlasensky
Czech republic

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