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Is it just me, or does anybody else absolutely cringe when here in late
2011 we see anyone still running W2K for any reason? 

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Subject: [U2] UV questions 

I ran into a client with UniVerse on Windows 2000 Server with

It looks like uvbackup does some strange things on this system, and I'm 
wondering if someone may have seen this or know how to change it. 

The uvbackup command is essentially uvbackup -f -limit 1 -v -s logfile
z:\backupfile.img -walk d:\uvdb\accounts 

The backup starts at 10 P.M., and finishes around 7 A.M. for a 37 GB 
database resulting in a 28.4 GB backup image file. 

The z:\backupfile.img file is a remote server path for the backup only. 

For the entire 9 hours, z:\backupfile.img file never exists - it doesn't
created until the job is done, it runs out of resources, or falls into
error that causes uvbackup to ask to continue with the current file,
the file, or quit. 

The z: location still has plenty of disk space - more than triple the
needed. It happens with or without the -limit 1 argument. 

The next day, it may run fine - completes the backup without error. 

The hardware is a 3.06 GHz Xeon processor with 3 GB of memory, SATA-1
on a RAID controller in a RAID-5 array (doing over 400 MB/sec transfer
on Reads), and the network is 1 Gb. 

Has anyone noticed that their backup file does not (or did not) grow or 
exist until the backup is done? 

Does anyone know of a way to convince uvbackup to use the target file 
immediately without awaiting completion? 

Does anyone know if this happens in newer UniVerse releases this same

Lastly, if d:\uvdb\accounts has a few accounts I don't want to back up,
looks like I cannot skip them in the backup unless I create a file with
list of all of the files I want to back up. 

This would be several hundred thousand files, and there are new files 
created every day. And I can't move the accounts I don't care about. 

I was thinking about SourceForge findutils, but am wondering if someone
experience with this or similar Windows find utilities and uvbackup? 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

Bob Wyatt 

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