Does the DAR data support indexes? And do you know which release DAR became 
Curt Stewart 

Baker Hughes <> wrote:

>Hey John,
>The ENCRYPT uniBasic function is for encrypting something on the fly. Whereas, 
>with Data At Rest encryption, you simply specify which fields in the file, or 
>the whole file itself, to be encrypted, and the database takes care of the 
>encryption/decryption, without any programmer intervention.
>Before we had DAR going I toyed with the ENCRYPT function. If you want a code 
>snippet that would demonstrate how this works, email me off list.
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>I think I am understanding it a little more now.  It seems as long as you 
>don't decrypt it or store the keys in an "insecure" place, you are good to go. 
> You can just compare the encrypted strings to see if a password matches or 
>I'm curious though, whats the difference between the actual Encrypted Files 
>features vs. the ENCRYPT function in BASIC?
>I'm guessing you might use encrypted files if you are doing something like 
>credit cards?
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