Indexing encrypted fields should already be available in UniVerse.

This functionality is also on the roadmap for UniData 7.4.


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Data At Rest encryption became available with UV 10.2 I believe. We implemented 
it after that upgrade.

If you're asking whether you can INDEX an Encrypted DAR field, I rather doubt 
it, but have not tried it.

I would ping Nic Kesic with this question; perhaps he is listening or has a 
google alert set for his name.

Thank you.

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DAR = Data At Rest

John Thompson <> wrote:

>Or better yet, what is DAR?
>On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 12:11 PM, Curt Stewart < 
>> wrote:
>> Does the DAR data support indexes? And do you know which release DAR 
>> became available?
>> Curt Stewart

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