The bridge is required because there is no ms sql odbc driver for linux. An
alternative would be to use an install of UV on a windows machine to do the
actual odbc interaction, it would just use the standard ms odbc driver. This
in turn could communicate somehow to your main HP uv install the required
data (i.e. csv file,, soap etc).

Or as you say write a web service that runs on a windows machine and can
acquire the data.

Or write a .net console app for windows that gets the data and uses to send it back to your UV install. The app can be
instantiated via the windows scheduler every x minutes, or maybe using
Cygwin or samba from the HP box.



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I am exploring a good way to access data on an external SQL database from
our Universe (10.2.7) environment running on HP-UX (11.23).

I personally prefer to use SOAP API in Universe BASIC to query the database
provided the appropriate web service is available.  However, the owner of
the SQL database prefer not to create web services for this purpose because
his dept will need to maintain an additional web server.  (Alternatively, we
could create our own web service on a Windows 2003 server which can connect
to the SQL database server directly).

Instead, he offers two options: direct database connection to SQL database
(possibly via ODBC) or RPC.

I'm not familiar RPC in Universe but after reading documentation on
RPC.CONNECT and RPC.CALL functions, it looks like they were designed for
Universe to Universe (or Universe to Unidata) type of remote procedure call.
Is that correct?

So the only other option is to use SQL/ODBC.  After reading some archived
message from this mailing list, it looks we would need to install a third
party ODBC bridge/manager.  Several messages recommended Easysoft ODBC-ODBC
Bridge but Easysoft lists its price at $2000!

Does anyone know if there any other ways of accessing external SQL database
from Universe?

Thank you.
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