"Therefore it's OBVIOUSLY the result of a PHB committee !!!!"

I googled for PHB as I didn't understand the reference

I like "Professional Hygiene Brushware"... I have no idea to what that might 
even refer, but it certainly has a nice ring to it.
Or perhaps an absense of rings if properly utilized.

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Contract law requires voluntary signatures of both parties, so this can't be
 contract and is therefore not legally binding.  Ergo, a complete waste of
andwidth since you cannot create a contract by emailing something to
omeone in error.
Also the bill of rights states that you cannot be compelled to self
ncriminate.  And therefore this is not binding to anyone who was purposely
stealing' this email.  Ergo, a complete waste of bandwidth.
Therefore this appears to be a threat of legal harassment should someone not
comply' with the unrealistic demand being made upon the unintended
ecipient and comes across as heavy handed, arrogant and slightly
Therefore it's OBVIOUSLY the result of a PHB committee !!!!

ven though you don't know us, we can boss you around and tell you to do
hings which require you to spend some time out of your day fulfilling our
idiculous request to inform us if we screwed up.  So if you get this
essage in error, we want you to a) wash all of our cars, b) do 20 hours of
ommunity service, c) call though our gauntlet of time wasting bureaucrats
n a vain attempt to inform us of our screw up, d) pay an extra 3% in taxes,
nd e) a babies arm holding an apple (which doesn't mean anything but
omeone in the committee just wanted to put that in there)

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ook at the ratio of useful content to boiler plate in that message!
y the way, as a non-comical aside, do those services/sites like nabble
ctually copy messages off this list?  Or do they just preserve messages
lready going through their queue... or does that make no sense.
Also when a message goes to a public list, is the "intended recipient"
veryone in the world?
o that, in order to violate this monster clause you'd have to be visiting
rom Orion?

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ataflo, Yes.     Epicor also maintains a nice user to user list here:  
ood group of folks that help each other out if you have specific questions.
id you have a specific question regarding the app or just a roll call?

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