As a suggestion add the -v option so you can see what file it was backing up 
when it fails.  Perhaps you have broken file that uvbackup cannot tolerate. ???


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Sent: Monday, November 07, 2011 7:28 AM
Subject: [U2] Uvbackup core dumps

Universe 10.3.9 on AIX 5.3

I was testing the use of uvbackup to back up our production data (we 
currently use a combination of rsync & tar) for transfer to a Linux off 
site backup machine using this shell script:

today=$(date +"%Y" +"%m" +"%d")
cd /vr
find * -print | uvbackup -f -limit 1 -l "Full Backup" - > /vrbkup/uvb$today

and at some point it failed with the following:

Abnormal termination of UniVerse.
Fault type is 11.  Layer type is Command Language.
./[6]: 733396 Segmentation fault(coredump)
Sun Nov  6 12:44:29 MST 2011

Anyone have an idea what might have caused this??

Jeff Schasny - Denver, Co, USA
jschasny at gmail dot com
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