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On 11-10-2011 8:40 AM, Allen E. Elwood wrote:
Just for the book (pun intended), I was only mildly enthused, not anywhere
close to excited.

Now that 30 year old picture of my wife I found buried in the garage
yesterday THAT was exciting....  :-)

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Subject: Re: [U2] [semi-ot] JE Sisk basic book on the eBay

From: Allen E. Elwood
Anyone need/want the original JES pick basic book, here's your chance
to pick it up for a mere $10 spot, give or take a few cents.....
This market could Really use new books that include platform-specific
nuances, communications with different languages and protocols, and other
modern concerns.  But in a market that gets excited about $10 books that are
over 20 years old, there's just no incentive for authors to create the
material.  I was in a MV user group meeting a couple years ago where the
consensus was that no one reads documentation anyway so why bother writing
or maintaining it.  WTH?  We've collectively created the market that we live
in, and it's being killed off by the hand of people who claim to love it so
well.  I wrote about the book problem a few years ago:


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