I think a major problem is the lack of training/documentation.
Great that there are all these new possibilities, but if you have to figure everything out yourself it becomes very difficult to keep up with the technology. A lot of VARs (especially ours) are no help if you get the feeling they know even less then you do. It is very frustrating if the business asks, 'can we do that?' and you can only answer, 'yes, I know it's possible but I don't know how to make it work.' And how am I to show the young guys all the flash things I have seen in demos or heard about here if I can't get them to work myself?

On 17/11/2011 20:55, David Jordan wrote:
The U2UG board has been discussing with Rocket how to encourage excitement that 
U2 is not legacy but is a technology leader.  I was at a presentation of a U2 
VAR and they demonstrated product that would be indistinguishable from any 
other player in open systems, Service architecture, interoperability, web 
intefaces, etc.  How do we get this across to the market.

With collaboration, we need to first excite.   How do we excite people in U2 
technology.   Is it looking at a major enhancement of the BASIC programming 
language or a new one within U2.  What other things do we look at.

Currently young programmers are excited by web technology's, mobile apps, the 
sexy stuff.  They are not interested in the backend, whether Oracle RDBMS, SQL 
Server or U2.  This is a problem across the industry.

The board of the user group are interested in areas to look at and how to 
create infrastructure to make this happen.   If we can reignite excitement in 
the product and create a place for collaboration where that excitement can be 
put to good use then I believe we can achieve success.  However our success 
depends on a group of people not a few individuals.   If this is to occur, it 
is time for people to become involved in shaping a future.

David Jordan
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