> From:Steve Long 
> I am trying to submit a SOAP request via a secure 
> connection, and have been unsuccessful so far.  We are 
> able to create the secure connection, but it is 
> failing on the SOAP request at the IIS server with a 
> fault error.
> Does anyone have an example they can provide for 
> submitting SOAP calls in this manner?

You didn't mention your DBMS, OS, or the technology being used
for the SOAP client.  I'm guessing you're using CallHTTP.

Web Service faults are usually the result of something wrong with
your XML, probably a data type issue, and often related to
arrays, strongly typed complex objects, or differences in the
definition of data types like Float, Decimal, Long, etc.  The
issues can be resolved with more careful crafting of the outbound

If your calling from Windows then the easiest solution is to
generate a client off of the server WSDL, save the client as a
..exe, then SH to execute the new web service client.  I have a
video which demonstrates this on my website:
You can create this solution in just a few minutes and then
you're done with it - or you can struggle for days to get
CallHttp to do it for you.  Take your pick.

Shelling out like that isn't the most performant approach, but
you're using a web service in the first place and performance
can't be that great a concern.

Please let us know if any of this helps.  These tips can be
crafted to suit various environments.


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