And the list goes on and on and...
That's why free form names are an absolute pain and should be avoided.
It's so much easier to have Title, First Name(s), Last Name(s) fields in the input screen and keep them as separate attributes.
You never get it 100% right.
In your list take Dean or Prince for instance - they could be first names and not titles at all. A colleague of mine tried a last name upper to lower case conversion including Irish and Scottish names and out of Machine Co it made MacHine Co.
And don't even ask what happened to last names starting with O.:-)

On 14/12/2011 01:02, Charlie Noah wrote:
Great start, but here is a longer list, although still nowhere near complete:


Code     Description
1st Lt   First Lieutenant
Adm      Admiral
Atty     Attorney
Brother  Brother (religious)
Capt     Captain
Chief    Chief
Cmdr     Commander
Col      Colonel
Dean     University Dean (includes Assistant and Associate)
Dr       Doctor (Medical or Educator)
Elder    Elder (religious)
Father   Father (religious)
Gen      General
Gov      Governor
Hon Honorable (Cabinet Officer, Commissioner, Congressman, Judge, etc.)
Lt Col   Lieutenant Colonel
Maj      Major
MSgt     Major/Master Sergeant
Mr       Mister
Mrs      Married Woman
Ms       Single or Married Woman
Prince   Prince
Prof     Professor (includes Assistant and Associate
Rabbi    Rabbi (religious)
Rev      Reverend (religious)
Sister   Sister (religious)


Code     Description
II       The Second
III      The Third
IV       The Fourth
V        The Fifth
CPA      Certified Public Accountant
DDS      Doctor of Dental Medicine
Esq      Esquire
JD       Jurist Doctor
Jr       Junior
Jnr      Junior (British)
LLD      Doctor of Laws
MD       Doctor of Medicine
PhD      Doctorate
Ret      Retired from Armed Forces
RN       Registered Nurse
RPh      Registered Pharmacist
Sr       Senior
Snr      Senior (British)
DO       Doctor of Osteopathy

Perhaps others can add more to the list.

Charlie Noah

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On 12-13-2011 5:12 PM, Wjhonson wrote:
0044:          SUFFIXES = ",JR,SR,MD,III,"
0045:          S.NAME = DCOUNT(UM.NAME,' ')
0046:          LAST.WORD.IN.NAME = FIELD(UM.NAME,' ',S.NAME)
0047:          IF INDEX(SUFFIXES,",":LAST.WORD.IN.NAME:",",1) THEN
0048:             LAST.NAME = FIELD(UM.NAME,' ',S.NAME-1)
0049:          END ELSE
0050:             LAST.NAME = LAST.WORD.IN.NAME
0051:          END
0052:          PREFIXES = ',DR,MR,MS,MISS,MRS,'
0053:          FIRST.WORD.IN.NAME = FIELD(UM.NAME,' ',1)
0055:             FIRST.NAME = FIELD(UM.NAME,' ',2)
0056:          END ELSE
0057:             FIRST.NAME = FIRST.WORD.IN.NAME
0058:          END
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