I'm using DesignBais and have run into an unusual problem. When I display some data on a web form the dbms is contacted through UO and the returned data is displayed. When I click on the [Save] button the same UO connection is used to contact the dbms and run whatever program is required to update the record.

In the called update program, the record is read and locked. If it's already locked the program terminates and a message is returned informing the user the record is locked (try again). If it's not locked the record is updated and, of course, the program terminates in the same manner.

Problem: if I edit the record via UniData's AE editor (LIST.READU shows a record lock) and try to update the record via the DesignBais form, the LOCKED clause is taken. This is good. However, after I release the record via the AE editor (LIST.READU now shows nothing locked), then click on the [Save] button, the LOCKED clause is still taken, even though no record is locked! If I kill the UO connection, DesignBais will make another UO connection and all works fine.

So, it appears a UO connection won't release a lock under whatever circumstances I've happened to stumble upon. Any ideas what causes this and how to "work-around" the problem?


Bill Haskett
Advantos Systems, Inc.
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