Hi John

My guess is that there are security restrictions on the Live system that are 
not on the test system

David Jordan

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I have 3 UniData accounts (LIVE.DATA, PILOT.DATA & TEST.DATA).  Each has its 
own web site (live, pilot & test).  We are using Redback (U2 Web DE).  We are 
using Epicor's Avanté backend and a HEAVILY customized version of their ePortal 
web software.  Over the past few months, I have developed code in TEST and 
moved it to PILOT for user testing.  Everything works 100% in TEST and PILOT.

Today, I loaded everything from PILOT to LIVE (UniData code, web stuff, Redback 
objects, etc.)  There are 2 ways that the web pages connect to UniData:
myCart.Open2 account,"SF:oPreOrder"     - where
      myCart is the object
      account is the ePortal account (sister account to the Avanté account)
oOrder.Open2 accnt,"SF:oOrder",userid,passwd    - where
      oOrder is the object,
      accnt is the Avanté account
      userid is the Redback login
      passwd is the Redback passwd

I have never been told the reason for a difference, but it works cleanly in 
TEST and PILOT , but the 2nd type of connection is failing in LIVE.  I have 
confirmed that the userid and password are correct (the same in TEST and PILOT 
since Redback is global) and accnt is the intended Avanté account.

If I do not get success over the weekend, I will be contacting Epicor for help, 
but I would REALLY like to get this working before Monday.

Any thoughts?


John Israel
Senior ERP Developer

Dayton Superior Corporation
1125 Byers Rd  Miamisburg, OH 45342
Office: 937-866-0711 x44380
Fax: 937-865-9182


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