They used to do that at the company I now work for and everybody thought UD was rubbish. I solved this by writing the csv file to the user's c:\temp directory or a Samba share and then opening an Excel template in a program that auto-runs a macro that copies the csv file from the there into a worksheet and does all the fancy formatting. Excel opens automatically and he ends up with a proper Book1.xls file ready for printing or whatever he fancies. Of course all our users are running SBClient, have Excel installed on their PCs and the templates are in a directory every user can access. OK SB+ makes this very easy but as long as your terminal emulator can kick of Excel on the workstation a Tab-delimited text file will work just as good.

On 07/02/2012 03:05, Tony Gravagno wrote:
Not responding to any particular quote here, just the CSV topic
in general.

Respected colleagues, CSV is not Excel. If you have an end-user
that asks for Excel and you give them a CSV you're just
perpetuating the myth that Pick is a dinosaur. They will gladly
spend tens of thousands of dollars to replace your application
with something that creates real Excel (and PDF) despite the fact
that such things can be attained at low cost or no cost right
now. Trust me, I've seen it happen.

This dove-tails with the reasons why people get 20 people to
support Oracle when they can have 3 working on Pick.  The reason
is that the Oracle people say "yes", and give them pretty
reports, when their Pick guys say "no", and give them plain text
in columns and rows and call it "Excel".

Please don't let that happen to you.  Be sure you are properly
responding to end-user requests. Just ask them what they do with
the documents after you generate them. If they really just want
raw data, OK. But if they go on to tell you how many days it
takes to reformat the data, assemble the multiple CSVs into a
single workbook, etc, then you have found a great deal of room
for improvement. Yeah, I've been there too.

Off the soapbox, thanks.

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