Can you license this logic to Rocket?  Seems like getting the 'check box'
for the database would serve them well, and would be a drop in the bucket
for them to throw dollars at you that would be FAR more than you would
likely get licensing it one-off yourself.  Just a thought.  Rocket should be
'buying' this kind of stuff and putting it under the hood.  Horizontal stuff
it just seems that no one ever 'seeks out' - we all end up building it.
Which is craziness and hurts Rocket more than anyone!

Just my thought on a late afternoon.

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> From: Bob Rasmussen
> It would be conceivable, though not necessarily profitable, to have an 
> Excel add-in that would pull data out of Pick via a network-based 
> object call.

Conceivable? How about Done. Phil Gerber has referred people to
NebulaXChange as the replacement for CrowFlite.
(Not bothering with nospam anymore...)
If nothing else, just look at the screenshots.

That blog links back to another 2007 blog which has code showing how to
connect from Excel to any MV platform via a web service.
The takeaway here is that anyone here can have a solution for
Excel-to-U2 today, for free.

(NebulaXChange for U2 can connect with UO.NET, mv.NET, telnet, or

Not necessarily profitable? Righteo! Not in this market. Once again, people
will go for years longing for something that already exists, the underlying
theme being "it must be free". The mentality of "free" (not related to "open
source") or at least the insistence that for some reason Pick tools need to
be "cheap", has seriously done a lot to kill innovation. It has destroyed
the motivation for developers like me to create solutions which address
common needs. NebulaXChange never went production because of kickback on a
couple hundred dollar price tag. I might rethink that. It might seem weird
to say this, but XChange is software that just deserves to be used.

Frustration with this market obvious? :)


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