Thanks for the plug, Robert.

To expand on the multiple possibilities for overlays (which are 
technically underlays):

1) Print Wizard's default placement of any overlay is edge to edge. Thus 
if you scan a letter-size form at the full 8.5" by 11", it should 
reproduce exactly.

2) EMFs and (the older) EMFs are kind of poorly defined when it comes to 
page boundaries. We use Microsoft Publisher's export-to-EMF capability as 
a standard.

3) Scanned forms look ... scanned. We offer a service (at $100 per page) 
of running it through a form recognition program and manually cleaning it 
up. Output is then excellent.

4) Sometimes when converting to laser printing, you need to shrink the 
form to fit within the printable boundaries of the particular laser 
printer. You may need to adjust overlay placement for other reasons. Then 
you may need to adjust the placement of the text over the overlay. PW has 
a way to do this graphically, on-screen, in the Print Preview window. It's 
really slick and effective, but we haven't done a good job of documenting 
it yet. However, we can walk you through it via a Webex (remote desktop) 

5) Switching from printer output to PDF output maintains the placement, 
exactly. Note that if somebody prints from the PDF, they need to disable 
scaling in order to maintain exact placement.

We're always eager to help.
   ... Bob

On Mon, 19 Mar 2012, Robert Porter wrote:

> Yes, replying to myself...  ("I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell".... No 
> Cracks from you, Bessel!)
> I figured it out and thought y'all might want to know how.
> First I tried converting text to curves as saving the WMF (doesn't appear to 
> be an option for EMF). That made the file larger (13K to 50K) but still tiny 
> compared to the TIF file.  That got it much closer than it was...  But the 
> form ran from edge to edge regardless of the fact that I had margins around 
> it.
> I solved that by placing a 1x1 pixel dot at opposite corners. I did top right 
> and lower left.   That lined everything back up like expected.
> Love Print Wizard... in the past doing changes like this would take me days 
> if not a week or more of hand tweaking PCL. Plus being able to send the same 
> thing to PDF and not having to get up to go to the printer to see if it 
> worked is so much nicer not to mention more productive.  Great product, if 
> you haven't tried it, you should!
> Robert
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