It is not relevant that there is *code* that does locking and releasing of the 
same item.
It must be not just *code* but the exact same process ID that is doing this.

This thread is not about exceptions.
It is about how to tell how long a lock has been set for.  You will always have 
The OP needs a process that handles the 98 percent, not the 2 percent.

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our answer is not related to the main thrust of this thread.

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ot paying much attention to this thread so perhaps I missed
mething, but...
hat's not a "problem", every application has code that does rapid
ck/write/release operations on the same record. George's scenario
s common and perfectly reasonable.
(And dude, you really need to do something about losing the first
aracter of quoted words. Are you doing a physical copy/paste of text
 something? Try a real email client. AOL Webmail is Not serving you
 From: Wjhonson 
Not possible.
If you have *one* task that is setting and releasing the same lock
constantly than yes.
However that should be recognized as a problem and corrected
anyway, except the slim possibility of a Batch Job Status flag lock
 From: George Gallen 
Problem is if a lock was set multiple times within that 5 minute
it ould look like t had been setup for 5 minutes....when in reality,

could have only been ocked for a couple seconds his time. 
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