There is not, on Universe natively, any value that tells you how long a lock 
has been placed.
I answered that in the first response.
You have to roll your own.

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Come on, people!  Let's not get into another pissing contest of who
rograms the right way and who doesn't.  As stated, the original
uestion was if there is a way to tell how long a lock has been in
lace.  Nothing else was given so the assumption that the OP was ONLY
ooking at locks placed programmatically is actually straying off topic.
ithout further information, specific to why they need the length of
ime a lock is in place, speculation of percentages or how to generate a
imeline does not really seem to take anyone closer to really answering
he original question.  The only thing, so far, that I've seen that was
 semi-direct answer is that maybe UniAdmin can provide the necessary
nformation.  Even at that, we don't know if the OP needs to just be
ble to find this out or if it's needed inside a program.
Now is there a SYSTEM() value or maybe a LIST.READU option that provides
his?  THAT would be answers of value.
<climbing off soap box>
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I whole-heartedly disagree... 
) I have numerous processes that lock/update/release the same record
epeatedly running 24x7 - on the sale process id. 

) I don't want code that works 98% of the time - that's unacceptable.
 don't want calls in the middle of the night because it appears
rocesses are locked up when in fact they are running perfectly fine
ecause some program fails 2% of the time.  

o this end, ALL READU's are wrapped inside of a subroutine that tracks
locking, time held, etc.  
xceptions are a part of programming... Not dealing with the exceptions
s bad programming practice. Would you not validate input because the
ser is expected to enter the right result 98% of the time, and the
ther 2% is ok?  

ears ago, we changed from a 5 digit numeric specimen id to 5
lpha/numeric... I sat in the pre-live meeting, and brought up the fact
hat words could be spelled. Words we might not want patients to see...
ith over 60 million possible permutations, the likelyhood was well
nder 2%. Would that have been an acceptable error rate to you?  It's
ot to us. We excluded the vowels so words couldn't be spelled... That's
rogramming for the exception.
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