I think you complicating things ... Troy has it right:

Sure files could be resized, and code re-engineered, and all these good
thing do help, but I reduced a process scanning 20 million records from 12
days to 2 days just taking out the CRT to screen informing the user of
progress (or lack of progress.)

on such a large number I'd set the interval to around 20000, so that the
code as below sits at

n,count += 1
if rem(count,20000) then
    CRT n.count:' / ' : tot.count

On 1 May 2012 11:03, Buss, Troy (Contractor, Logitek Systems) <
troy.b...@nordsonasymtek.com> wrote:

> Good point...  For progress indications, I tend to do the following on the
> mass updates:
> N.COUNT += 1
> IF REM(COUNT, 1000) ELSE CRT "+":
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