Our CFO likes Sage MAS 90.  The trick is finding a decent consultant that
knows what he's doing.  I hear more recent versions run on top of MS SQL
Server, although ours does not, and its quite a chunk of change to get the

We never did try and get it working for anything other than Payable and
General Ledger though- which it does pretty well if your only requirement
is "Batch Updating" or importing the data every night.  If you import large
amounts of data at a time, it tends to be slower than molasses, although I
suspect this is because the guys that did the original setup were not very

I imagine if you got the SQL server version you could do some fancy stuff
with mv.net, and real time updates...

Out of curiosity, what industry are you in?
I did know of a group in Orlando FL, that had some Accounting software
built in Accuterm GUI for the Automotive industry that runs natively on

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 4:44 PM, John Hester <jhes...@momtex.com> wrote:

> We used to have a Pick general ledger software package called FMS that
> was sold by Price Waterhouse.  At some point the software was purchased
> by a company named IDEAS.  In 2004, they stopped supporting the Pick
> version and migrated us to a client-server package that uses MS SQL as
> the underlying database.  IDEAS is now owned by a company that services
> the oil and gas industry (which is not the industry we're in) and future
> support of the software is less than certain, so we're exploring other
> options.  Can anyone recommend a good GL system?  It doesn't necessarily
> need to be Pick-based, but either UV or MS SQL as the database would be
> preferred.  We currently export the UV GL data as a flat csv file at the
> end of the month and import it into IDEAS.
> Thanks,
> John
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