Don't worry, we're not going to implement anything that's going to do damage.  
Well, unless you call the outrageous cost a damage :) 

Any thoughts on the CONCURRENT option? 

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Well you used to be.  After SAP sucks ten years out of the life of your 
company, we'll see 

<< I am being moved to our corporate office to join a 
eam of 10 who will be learning, configuring, and customizing SAP to meet the 
eeds of the best wine and spirits distribution company  in the world.  Ok, I'm 
 little partial...  >> 

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Hi All, 

uv 10.2.7 / hpux 11.11 

First things first (skip this section if you don't care for goodbyes)... 

I wanted to say thanks to all of the contributors to this list.  I have learned 
 tremendous amount from all of you.  The passion that many of you have for your 
ork is really inspiring.  I am being moved to our corporate office to join a 
eam of 10 who will be learning, configuring, and customizing SAP to meet the 
eeds of the best wine and spirits distribution company  in the world.  Ok, I'm 
 little partial...   All of you deserve a great deal of credit for my 
pportunity as you have all contributed to the things that I've been able to 
ccomplish with my current system.  Without the great system that we here in 
llinois have developed, I'm sure that noone would trust in my abilities to 
eliver in a different environment. 


 special thanks to a couple of people I have been blessed to work directly 
ith.  I cannot recommend their services enough! 


ony Gravagno ( ):  When each division of SWS was 
sked to provide a web service that would interface our sales force automation 
nits to our business systems, I was terrified.  I had never had the opportunity 
o work with web technology and, based on a heavy workload, did not have the 
ime to dive in at that time.  I did take the web developer that Universe 
ffered for a spin.  Pretty cool tool.  While I was able to develop a web 
ervice that could work had I set the requirements myself, I could not get it to 
eet the requirements that corporate was developed.  I even worked with one of 
he IBM engineers and he could not get it done.  Keep in mind that I have always 
elieved in my abilities to provide solid solutions using the tools that we have 
n the multivalue world.  It killed me to have to bring in a resource from the 
utside.  I swallowed my pride and turned to Tony.  I was amazed at the 
ncredible service that he provided.  He developed a service for me that has 
een rock solid.  I am still amazed that I have never had to revisit it after 
ears of pounding by our sales force.  This is plug, play, and forget about it 
t its best!  Not only that but our web service which provides incredibly 
owerful and complicated pricing blows the web service developed on our 
orporate as400 system out of the water from a performance standpoint.  Thanks 
ony, you've made me look a lot better than I really am :) 


eff Fitzerald ( ):  Your write-ups on file performance 
ave really helped me to ensure that our system is always operating at a high 
evel.  I wish I could get everyone around here to read it.  I was also 
ortunate enough to have been allowed to use your file maintenance product - 
AST.  I can't tell you how much time that this saved me.  When I first arrived 
t this company, all the files were dynamic.   I made the mistake of converting 
hem all to static because I believed the performance was much better.  I was 
ight and the system was screaming.  The reason I use "mistake" is that it 
brought me into a whole new world of ensuring the thousands of files used by 
he application continued to perform by spending all my weekends sizing.  Yuck! 
y allowing me to break away from managing the monster that I had created by 
sing your product, I had my weekends free again.  Yay!  Not only that, your 
roduct was doing a much better job than I ever did.  Unfortunately, budgets 
ere cut and  I could no longer continue to use it.   Thanks Jeff, you helped me 
o spend my time moving the company forward by developing great tools rather 
han maintaining files. 

ILE SIZING question: 

As mentioned, I'm moving on.  Before leaving I'm trying my best to ease the 
urden on my friends  here in Illinois by automating many of the things that I 
ever got around to doing for myself .  That being said, I put together a 
outine that will analyze our files and resize as necessary.  It's pretty slick 
ut not near the software offered by - refer to previous section.   

I would like to set it up to execute from cron so that noone has to babysit.   
eing the scaredy cat that I am, I've always phantomed off the process and 
onitored over the weekend to ensure that noone is accessing the files in 
uestion.  I put the CONCURRENT option in there as a safeguard but never really 
rusted it enough to turn the program loose without policing.   

My questions regarding CONCURRENT  are these: 
    1.   Is the option trustworthy enough to use on a live system while users 
re possibly accessing the files?   
   2. Are there any sort of performance issues?  In other words, would a file 
hat takes 2 hours to size take 8 hours to size while users are accessing?  The 
outine keeps a history of various statistics including how much time it took to 
o its business.   
   3. Does it slow the application that is accessing the file?   
   4. Any other considerations? 

hanks in advance for your response  and for all of the tremendous help that 
ou've all been over the years. 

Scott Thompson 
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