Look up the commands NOTIFY and MESSAGE.
If I recall, either or both of those can configure the parent session to receive or block the child phantom's message. The PHANTOM command has a BRIEF keyword, too. That is supposed to prevent the phantom from sending the message. It doesn't sound as if that is your problem, though.

I think 1 of those 3 ought to control suppressing/enabling those messages, but, frankly, I'm having the opposite problem: I can't seem to be able to turn it off !?

On top of that, although I do not recall that phantoms are supposed to skip ON.EXIT, that seems to be the case here. I'm on 10.2.10 / Windows.


On 6/15/2012 7:59 AM, Manu Fernandes wrote:

VOC entry look exactly like NEWACC.
One more info, PHANTOM process finishs but I'm not NOTIFIED about it ; it comes 
probably from the same trouble.

Thanks for your attention.

01 Verb - Show which PHANTOM jobs are running
03 I
04 G

01 Verb - Create a PHANTOM task to perform a specified operation
03 I

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Post the VOC entry for JOBS

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Hi group,
A strange behavior on Universe/Windows.
When I start a PHANTOM, it starts correctly, do his works and finish properly ;
no more PORT.STATUS, no more WindowsTaskManagerProcessus).
But JOBS command continue to report it "Running".
Any idea what wrong in the system ? rights ?

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