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> Hi group,
> I'll connect my Universe app to a Oracle system.
> The Oracle expose a list of PL/SQL functions I'll call to and receive some 
> I'm running UV 11.1 on Linux/Suse and OracleClientInterface is installed on 
the system (OCI is correctly running).
> Do you have any advice, basic sample, ... ?
> Thanks by advance.
> manu
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I developed a feature within my app that lets me run SQL in Universe or outside 
databases and delivers the results into a Universe file. For SELECT's I execute 
the Basic CONNECT command with the output file designated and then data in the 
SQL I want to run. I've also built in the ability to execute commands in the 
foreign database (eg. DELETE * FROM table;). I used the BCI features that you 
can find in the "Universe BASIC SQL Client Interface Guide". This will also 
work when run against the Universe database which lets me run SQL in Universe 
and then use the results in a process or SB+ report.

Hope this helps.

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