Hi Dave and others:

Having worked for Wally many years ago at Unidata, his knowledge
is unparalleled about Unidata.  So given that I've been doing this for a
number of years, I'm not sure where the 100 number is coming.  The other
numbers I have reams of paper, CD's, and thumb drives backing up all of the
other numbers.

I have tested many a file with different blocks sizes with the same data
either adding or subtracting records.  I found the split and merge to not
happen when I would expect it to.   If you put more keys into a smaller
modulo the percentage will change because you are using KEYONLY.

Your record size is quite large so that is why going to a 2K block size
will make things worse.  I would recommend going to a 8K block size leaving
the current modulo since you a near 100% overflow.  You can try it on a
temporary file and either tell me I'm wrong or I'm right.

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