"dbpause" and "dbresume" allow any background processes (e.g. PHANTOM or
WebDE (Redback)) to continue running. You do not have to have a restart
Additionally, as long as your backup methodology is brief - a SAN "snap" or
a mirrored drive split - then anyone using Telnet, UniObjects or ODBC not
even notice and can continue uninterrupted. Stopping UniData menas
terminating those sessions

I'd look at what is blocking your dbpause - there is a Tech Tip in the U2
knowledgebase.- search on "dbpause" - you should find SFMA-13082.



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Will I get the same benefits by using stopud and startud as oppose to
dbpause and dbresume? The reason for my question is that my server is
running unidata 7.2 but 50% of the time cannot resume and stays in dbpause
state long after backup?


Thomas Boadu | IS Systems Manager

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