I wrote one myself.   There is some capability with one of the conv commands 
but it is limited to 255character.

David Jordan

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> From: jjuser
> Does UniBasic have a way to do variable interpolation (without
writing to
> a file, compiling it as a program, and calling it)?

Do you mean something like this?

VAL = 0
CALL @"SUB FOO(X,Y);Y=X+1;RETURN"( 3, VAL ) CRT VAL ; *  4

That would be Awesome! I don't believe any of the MV platforms do that because 
I've been looking for it for 15 years. It can be simulated in various ways, but 
you did limit the scope of the challenge.

I think you're trying to avoid this?:

CODE = \ CRT DATE()+20\
* OUT is 16327
In this case the PGEN program reads from TCL, writes, compiles, runs, and that 
output gets captured. But at least the mechanism for performing that task is 
abstracted from this client/application code.

Cache' allows you to enter code at TCL and then execute it without 
saving/compiling. That can also be simulated in U2. I don't think I've ever 
seen anyone else ask for it here - certainly no one willing to pay for it. ;)

Out of curiosity, what's your application for this? And please correct the 
above if I've misunderstood the question.


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